Vibrant atmosphere with Khoi My at night award of ” Miss and Mister TTU extend 2016” photo contest

Khoi My is a beloved face in the music industry today with sweet voice and friendliness . The appearance of her brought the exciting atmosphere at the night of the “Miss & Mister TTU Extend 2016”.

Awards ceremony of” Miss and Mister TTU extend 2016” is held at 7PM, 15th August 2016 at the main hall of Canary Club 9 (Tan Duc, Duc Hoa, Long An)

Three months after the beginning of the contest, the organizers received more than 1,000 entries from contestants who are students  from all over the country.

Two MC at “Miss and mister Extend 2016” night

The winner of the Miss and mister Extend 2016 Photo Contest was belonged to the contestant Luu Nguyen Hoang Mi with the most likes and shares.

The winner of the online photo contest Luu Nguyen Hoang My

After  receiving the award, the runner-up of the contest – Tran Thi Phuoc Ngan shared “ “A smile with 10 ton of tonic”. But how do we smile to make our smile more meaningful and graceful? Laughter is a natural reflex which appears when we are born. Laughing when we feel happy in life  is invaluable gift that God gives to each of us. It gives us more faith, strength and energy to rise in life, and it is also  the happiness for us. Thanks to Tan Tao University for hosting this meaningful competition so that we can exchange and learn with friends all over the country.”

Mr. Tran Duong – Director of Communications – Tan Tao University awarded the second prize to candidate Tran Thi Phuoc Ngan

Contestant Nguyen Thi Ngoc Chau – 3rd prize in the photo contest “ Miss & Mister TTU extend 2016” shared her words through the picture which was submitted to the contest: “I want to keep my faith in this place when I am about to leave there. Time flies so fast, it was just the first day in toddler dressing  to go to school to meet my teachers and friends but  It’s been 3 years now and the summer has gone quietly . Many memories under this school would be sent back and I hope more generations will be led under this school. Now when I wake up every morning, I wish it was Monday to be able to go to school.

Contestant Nguyen Thi Ngoc Chau received the 3rd prize.

Le Chi Thang – President of TTU Student Association awarded 3 lucky winners.

M & M TTU is considered a useful playground  for nationwide students express their beautiful moments and impressive. To create opportunities for students  to have changes to exchange and learn as well as to introduce themselves to the community of nationwide students. It also made the gap between students and employers.

The stage is enlivened by the musical performances of guest singer Khoi My.

In addition to honoring the high profile contestants, M & M TTU was attended by special guests: young singer Khoi My and performances, comedies by TTU students  who directly staged and performed.