Unlike any other trip in life, summer volunteering in the hearts of all students is the most impressive journey, leaving many emotions, smiles, and tears. It is a precious mark that can not be forgotten.

One of the most significant social activity series with profound humanity that is launched in the summer of 2017 is the “Summer service camp” with the participation of 60 volunteer students from Tan University (TTU).

The program takes place in seven days, lasting until June 25, with a donative budget of 200 million VND, located in Vinh Hoa Commune, one of 6 communes in U Minh Thuong District, Kien Giang Province. The program has many activities such as: community health examination, teaching English for children, building bridges, taking care of Vietnamese Heroic Mother; Cleaning, bush clearing…

There are two reasons made this volunteer trip become a milestone with TTU students: this is the first year that TTU has organized volunteer programs in rural area, it is a inevitable surprise for these students who always have good living condition.

In addition, the program represents the commitment and interest to community activities, volunteerism and knowledge sharing among young leaders from the Youth Southeast Asian Leaders Scholarship (YSEALI) of US President Barack Obama.

“Remember the first day with the suspense when I and people from District Youth Union visited and give gifts to Vietnamese Heroic Mother To Thi Lieu (Vinh Thanh hamlet), listened to the poem about ten commandments of a family in resistance war period. I was very touched since mother still have a sound mind with shinning facial expression and living a happy life. Mother no longer remembers how many children or how many daughter-in-laws that she has. Perhaps the time has passed and swept the glorious time of these heroic women, we came here and like young birds, feeling eagerly when seeing these living monument of history …” – Trip diary of Vo Duy Cam Binh (3rd year student of TTU Biotechnology School).

For the first time away from home, Dong Nghi (2nd year medical student) confessed: “I study all the time, I am an only child at home, so I do not need to cook or wash my clothes since other people did it for me. When participating in this program, I also think a lot. However, contacting with the children I felt that I grow up a lot, instruct the children to read word by word as a teacher! I feel more confident in myself!”

In the midst of noon sunshine, each group of students wearing bandanna with cheerful emotion, pulled the bamboo pieces to wrap in order to prepare for covering and fix the roof for people. One group wade impetuously down the ditch and picked up the litter, watering the trees for the roadside houses. On the face of sweat it was a strange smile. The smile of a joyful life that while studying in the cool air conditioned lecture hall, you would never have. The cohesion of “Army” and “People” in the “Summer service camp” is also shown through the days when they went to the countryside market together, cook meals together, care for the elderly, children in families that they stayed. Being a newly established commune, so Vinh Hoa still has many difficulties, living standard of people is very slow, health care are not available, many families are still living in poverty. Therefore, the appearance of the bandanna soldiers warmed people’s hearts, even only in a short period of time.

After 7 days staying in this commune with the spirit: eating and working together; Gain people’s trust – Make people remember when we leave – Make people love when we stay, TTU volunteers have grown up compared to their first days. Volunteers had contributed their strength, determination and volunteer spirit with a common goal of imprinting their useful footprints in remote areas.

Some pictures: