TTU Students in a field trip to visit and meet with Intel employers

In the journey to explore and discover new knowledge, TTU students have had exciting experiences with a lot of field trips to companies of different sizes in order to have a better perspective of their majors. This is also a chance for TTU students to meet with leading employers to have their questions answered and seek for internship and job opportunities.

Junior and senior students from TTU School of Business in this field trip got to visit Intel Products head office, to meet with Intel employers and raise their questions about future career, job opportunities at Intel as well as impressive resume and interview experience. Besides that, Intel employers were sharing about different obstacles and challenges for interns and fresh graduates in such a global and professional working environment.

Intel representatives from Finance, Accounting, HR, Risk Management and Tax departments answering questions and sharing with TTU students

Also in this trip, TTU students had the chance to meet and ask for more information from Nguyen Le Huy Hung – TTU alumni of the first class (2011-2015) who was an intern and working for Intel then.

Ms. Dieu Anh – TTU professor from school of business (second from left) – presented thank-you letters and gifts to Intel representatives and Nguyen Le Huy Hung – TTU alumni and Intelemployee (second from right)


                              TTU students in a group photo with Intel employees