TEC was established on 10 Oct. 2012 with the enthusiasm of an English teacher and the young passionate students of Tan Tao University. Unlike the common misunderstanding of the most students that English Club is a place where English language activities and study are conducted by using theoretic language textbooks. TEC is proud to be a student club that organizes the English events in the professional, proficient ways. TEC helps members can cultivate and improve their English skills through a friendly working environment, and they can also accumulate practical knowledge for themselves for working in future.

Vision: To build an English speaking community in Tan Tao University as well as surrounding communities; To impulsing English as a key language and a competitive advantage of Tan Tao students in future.

Mission: To become an environment for Tan Tao students to practice the English skills through the club’s projects; a place for you to express your creativity, dynamism; This is a channel for you to learn English, thereby improving your knowledge of English as well as soft skills.

The goal of TEC is removing the pedantry from learning English through fun activities. With this motto of TEC, you will have the opportunity to improve not only academic achievement but also general English skills and improve your knowledge in an exciting way. TEC desires to provide practical English in a variety of forms. It then promotes the development of social values and encourages critical thinking of TECers. The fun activities of the club also help you connect with the larger social community and most importantly you will be able to develop soft skills. That will help you easier to work in a new environment and face to many challenges after leaving school.

Highlight events held by TEC:

+ “Our Generation Youth Summit” Conference (associate with Student Affairs and Student Associations of Tan Tao University). Nearly 150 students from different universities in HCM City have registered for the conference such as RMIT University, Foreign Trade University, University of Economics, University of Law, etc. With the attendance of the special guests:: Anna Katrina – UNDP Philippines – Youth Consultant, Ngo Vu Anh Thu – YSEALI – Professional Fellowship Alumn, Tran Thuy Tien – CHANGE Org – Project Manager, Huyen Ngoc Thanh Tran – YSEALI – Professional Fellowship Alumni, Vu Ngoc Bich – YSEALI – Academic Fellowship Alumni, Masaki Villagracia Mitsuhashi – Our Generation17plus/ PLAN International – Youth Consultant


Picture: “Our Generation Youth Summit” Conference

+ Free teaching IELTS class in TTU dormitary