“Living is ready to give, not only to get for yourselves”, certainly TTU students understand this sentence much. How can we know what the true meaning of volunteering is? Should we weigh the pros and cons when participating in a volunteer activity? The answer received from TTU dynamic youth association is not? Volunteering brings us many benefits than we think, helps us to improve ourselves, to love and share more comfortably, to help us promote the spirit of solidarity, innovation, willing to contribute to the society. With slogan: “Dynamic Youth Association is present wherever they are needed, wherever there are difficulties to cope with” TTU Dynamic Youth Association was formed.

TTU Dynamic Youth Association is an association which always pioneers in volunteer activities at TTU and Society as well. Beginning with a group of 14 members and receiving the support from the board of the university, now TTU Dynamic Youth Association has been developing with the guideline “ Do volunteers to assert themselves step to step in order to train the young generations with the spirit of volunteerism and responsibility for the community and society.

TTU Dynamic Youth Association is a group of dynamic, energetic and young students operating on the mission and vision which are moving toward a TTU with full of dynamic, creativity and humanity. The team works on the basis of volunteerism, enthusiasm, dynamism, creativity, passion, and responsibility, so the members of the team should present the spirit of unity, mutual respect and always put the team’s benefits and aims at the top.

After a short time of establishment, The TTU Dynamic Youth Association has gradually asserted its position and mission throughout some humanitarian and meaningful activities.

Highlighted in the series of TTU Dynamic Youth Association’ activities is “ Green Day” organized on November 6th, 2016 attracted lots of TTU and TTS students. This activity is to create a meaningful playground for students with the message of joining hand together to build a “ green, clean and beautiful environment” for everyone.

Green Day is organized on November 6th 2016

Students are concentrating on solving the teambuilding game at Green Day

In addition, with the support and permission of the Board, Student Affairs Department, Tan Tao Student Association, on December 18th , 2016, TTU Dynamic Youth Association has successfully organized the program “Giang Sinh Yeu Thuong” to bring warmth to the children at the Long Hoa Temple orphanage in the last days of the year.

The smile is always presented on the lips of soldiers in “Giang Sinh Yeu Thuong”

Coming to the Dynamic Youth Association also means that you go into the dynamic, enthusiastic place that each member brings in their youth, dare to overcome difficult, are not afraid of suffering, and it is important that they are dedicated to volunteer. It is normal to call the members of the Dynamic Youth Association are quiet people with quiet jobs. The work is so hard but they always keep smiling because they have devoted all their efforts and have useful contributions to this society.

Therefore, do not hesitate to join the Dynamic Youth Association to become “good people” who always work for the community as you have ever desired.