With the liberal education model and optimal practice conditions, Tan Tao University’s medical students are particularly focused on fostering humanity and expressing their capacity to become virtuous and talented doctors in the future.

Direct interview with the entrance examiner

In the United States and Western countries, medical candidates, in addition to having to score admission, must pass an interview to assess whether their personality is fit to become a doctor. In Vietnam, the Faculty of Medicine of Tan Tao University has done very well this enrollment. Each candidate wrote a short essay about themselves and was interviewed directly in order to evaluate their humanity, acumen, persistence and the ability to withstand the pressure of rescue work.

Exposure to the international environment

“Travel a day, and become wise as you sift the good from the bad” doctors as well as any profession in the globalized world, they must be exposed to advanced medicine to improve their knowledge and skills. . To do that, Tan Tao University Medical students have been in contact with international doctors from the first year, and in Year 3 eligible students will be sent to the United States to practice.

Vu Manh Dung, a medical student at Tan Tao University, has just completed his clinical training at Medical School Wonju of Yonsei University (Top 1 University of Korea). “Cardiovascular is one of the busy faculties. But it takes care of students very carefully, where there are specializations in general medicine, metabolic disorders, arrhythmias, and imaging diagnosis. Although they have different name for each faculty, they are always unified. One patient always has more than two doctors with different expertise to visit to ensure comprehensiveness and avoid missing out. For students, the doctors here are always respected teachers. Clinical cases, not one, but most physicians in the department are present to point out each of the good points as well as restrictions when they are discussing about differences of medical history, ancient root, tests, diagnosis, treatment methods. Sometimes, students must present at 4 am to take an electrocardiogram for patients in order to on schedule for the doctors to visit. Following the doctors with the temperature roughly 10 degrees Celsius in Korea, our arms and legs were tremble, but everyone was still excited because they knew they could help another person. It’s really an unforgettable experience.”

Practice medical ethic during internship period

Hoang Quoc Bao, a medical student of Tan Tao University who has practiced at St Mary’s Hospital in the United States in 2016 said: “In the US, doctors have to introduce themselves to patients and explain the treatment method for them. After that, the doctor will summarize and conclude everything with the patient. When doing a medical history and medical examination, special attention should be paid to the feelings of the sick person so that they feel at ease.”

Bao also said: “After the trip, I feel very happy about what I’ve learned and I also get more determination to pursue medicine.”

Do Hoang, a medical student at Tan Tao University, is currently practicing at Saint Marry Hospital, USA said: “What impressed me the most during the US internship was the doctor’s diagnosis. The doctor always lets the patient say what they want. This makes the patient feel like “”I was in the right place, this is my doctor” and they feel that the doctors really care about their health.”

Indeed, passion and virtue are vitally important elements in medicine, because in your hands you are the life of so many people. It is also the wish of President Dang Thi Hoang Yen when she established the medical school of Tan Tao university in order to train generations of talented and virtuous doctors, serving the cause of saving lives.

Source: http://ttu.edu.vn/vn/nghien-cuu-vi/tin-tuc-vi/1568-dao-tao-bac-si-lay-y-duc-lam-goc