On the 9th – 10th December 2016, the East Asia Medical University (Busan, South Korea) held the International Symposium on Cardiology. It is known that the Conference in Busan is one of the largest cardiovascular conferences in Asia as well as all over the world held annually with the participation of leading cardiovascular professors and experts from different counties United States, Australia, China, Malaysia, Singapore…

Attending in this workshop, three Vietnamese medical students were invited to attend and reported on the science topic. They are Pham Hong Gia Nguyen, Tran Tuan and Ngo Thi Trang Dai who are the 4th year students of the Medical School of Tan Tao University.

These students had passed the interview by GS.TS.BS. Thach Nguyen (Director of Cardiology at St Mary’s Medical Center, United States – Emeritus Professor at 9 Universities and Institutes in America, Beijing, Nanjing, Singapore …) and were selected to participate in this leading international medical conference.

At this Busan Conference, student Tran Trien was invited to present a scientific paper titled “New Non-Intervention Method for Accurately Controlling Fluid Circulation in Patients with Hypotension.”

Being invited to attend and reort at a leading medical conference of the world shows the academic level, ability to study at a high level of Medical students of Tan Tao University in particular and Vietnamese students in general. Their scientific research is highly acclaimed by top professors and it is said to be a promising application in the future.

Previously, medical students of Tan Tao University also reported on cardiovascular research which was highly appreciated by top international experts and published in the most US prestigious cardiovascular journal: Journal of the American College of Cardiology (JACC). Since 10/2016, 10 excellent students from Tan Tao University have been invited to attend and lecture their studies on cardiology at the 27th International Cardiovascular Conference held in Beijing, China.

Source: http://www.tienphong.vn/giao-duc/sinh-vien-dai-hoc-tan-tao-thuyet-trinh-tai-hoi-thao-tim-mach-o-han-quoc-1087088.tpo