The Sunflower Organization for Community was founded on 6 Jan. 2016, with the slogan “Love gives away is love forever”, Sunflower Club has set the orientation, goals and made certain achievements in more than a year of operating.


Running social activities such as charity, life skills education, promoting humanitarian movements for students inside and outside of Tan Tao School, contributing to make society more development and beauty.


Helping the unfortunate people through various forms of economic, educational and spiritual support such as opening teaching classes for orphans, poor children, donating and visiting handicapped children, the lonely old. Combining with other charities to work together in many social development projects. Establishing exchanges of experience, life skills, sex and ethics education for Tan Tao University student community to direct the students to the “honesty, kindness and beauty” and have the opportunity to comprehensively develop.


Providing a various ways and forms support following the essentiality, basic for projects and continuously orient the club members to the goals of self-development and sustainability. Sunflower Club is gradually improving and constantly developing. Desiring to build for students inside and outside Tan Tao School the thougt about “honesty, kindness, beauty” to make society more developable and beautiful.


Founded in early 2016, Sunflower Club has received a lot of supports and implemented some meaningful programs:

– Fundraising Spring Camp and giving Tet gift to poor students overcoming the difficulties to well study at Tan Tao University, Long An.

– Holding short-term classes at Cat Tuong Monastery.

– Gender and homosexuality sharing class at the dormitory of Tan Tao University, Long An.

– “Mid-Autumn Festival for Children” at Cat Tuong Monastery.

Some pictures of the Spring Camp 2016





Picture of Mid-Autumn Festival giving gifts at Cat Tuong Monastery, Duc Hoa, Long An



– The Spring Camp initiated by Sunflower Clun created the premise for the development of TTU’s annual spring camp.

– Giving 20 Tet gifts to poor students who well studied and got the good grades at Tan Tao University, Long An, each gift is worth 170,000VND

– Holding English, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics classes for children at Cat Tuong Monastery.

– Sharing and providing the knowledge, right perspective on Gender and the LGBT community for students.

– Giving lanterns, organizing and playing “Mid-Autumn Festival for Children” program for children at Cat Tuong Monastery.