With the purpose of protecting the student’s right, supporting and developing the Clubs and student’s activities, Student Council (SC for short) was established.

The picture of Student Council known with the name “ Change to Shine”

The Student Council is an elected group of students representing the total student at TTU with the passion, aspiration, and desire to build and develop “a stronger TTU”. During the past time, with the lead of TTU young leaders, SC has gained a lot of success in supporting TTU students by combining with other Clubs to hold many activities for students.

SC works with the mission that always puts the interest of TTU students on the top. Protecting the student’s right is considered as one of the pioneering missions of Student Council. To demonstrate that SC always tries to create a healthy and extremely useful playground for TTU students in order to help them relax after studying hard day on the lecture hall. This is also an opportunity for them to show off their talents, creativity and chances to shine and highlight at TTU.

Gala Night When I am 18” and “ Happy Birthday Madam Yen Event” can be considered as two events that mark the foundation of Student Council. These activities are organized with the aims of connecting TTU students and TTS students together, and this is also an occasion to express one’s deep gratitude to Madam Dang Thi Hoang Yen because of her dedication to foundation and development of Tan Tao University.

On September, 7th SC held the Traditional Students Day Up Day

Following the aim of building the image of dynamic and creative TTU Students and also creating an event to welcome new students, for the beauty and spirit of TTU, SC held a very meaningful activity which is TTU Flashmob 2016- Your Movements Toward Dynamic Youth.

TTU Flashmob 2016- Your Movements Toward Dynamic Youth.

Besides some events organized for TTU students, SC also cooperated with other social groups to broaden the relationship between TTU students and other students from other universities for the purpose of learning experiences each other to develop together. Among the activities that SC organized, there was an activity which is a combination between SC and Action for Wildlife Organization( AWO) to propagate and educate the children about awareness of protecting the environment and extinct animals over the world at Long An and Tay Ninh Provinces.

This meaningful activity contributes significantly role in bring into play the spirit, builds the image of TTU students, implement the mission and vision as well of Student Council for the term of 2016-2017: “Reflection, coordination, protection, and development”.

Demonstrated clearly through the activities held, SC believes that Student Council will be a great, dynamic and creative place for TTU students to join in order that they can prove their firm stuff and also free in creation in order to contribute to developing Tan Tao University completely.

Be our team, with your support and active participation, achieving balanced university life will be a reality.

Yến Nhi