The school offers many scholarships worth 150 million VND for candidates with total score of three combined subjects of 25 or more…

Tan Tao University has announced the quite attractive scholarship for candidates who wish to enroll in the medical school with the national examination 2017 score from 25 points and over.

Scholarships for medical students

Training highly qualified doctors has always been a top concern to many health and education managers. That is also the reason why the number of annual scholarships granted by universities for medical students is very high. However, in Vietnam, scholarships for undergraduate general medical students are less common than those offered for specialist or higher study.

This year, Tan Tao University is one of the few medical schools has many scholarships for talented medical students. A representative of the school said that the number of scholarships worth 150 million VND this year will be given to applicants who have total score of three combined subjects from 25 and over, the average score of the three year high school transcripts from seven and pass the interview of Tan Tao University.

All applicants who apply and admitted into medical school of Tan Tao University with all above criteria will receive a scholarship of VND150 million which is equivalent to 100% first year tuition fee.

The scholarship approval for the following academic years will be based on the study results as well as the contribution for school’s activities. The course fee is clearly announced by the school as soon as you complete the admission process. Accordingly, the school commit that the medical fees will not increase during the six-year study.

University entrance admission for medical school with American style

Tan Tao University is one of the pioneering schools of doing university entrance admission based on high school transcripts in order to offer American high quality education opportunities to generations of students. Candidates who apply as soon as possible are more likely to pass the entrance examination since the quota of each major is fairly small.

The application form is quite simple, consisting of: application form, the notarized photocopy of high school transcript, graduation qualification or graduation certificate, and a short essay about dreams and aspirations of contestants.

The advantage of this method has been used by many universities around the world because it reduces the pressure on examinations, but still helps schools to choose the best students. On the contest side, you have more chances to enter prestigious university lectures if you strive to achieve good academic results and graduated high school.
Medical students completed summer internship in the US in 2017.

Quality based on the difference

Among the differences, the applications of the American curriculum and the internship opportunities in the United States for all medical students are two points which gain the most interest from both parents and students.

Accordingly, the school teaches in English with curriculum which is always updated from the famous American universities. In addition to the theoretical hours, TTU students have opportunity to have practical experiences in fully equipped laboratories. This is especially meaningful for medical students – one of the school’s most important and strongly invested majors.

At the same time, taking up a significant amount of time in a students’ schedule is extracurricular activities, clubs, talks, sharing living skills and working with professors, doctors. This is a good opportunity for students to improve their soft skills and prepare for their integration into the challenging work environment after graduated.

One of the most expected things of students during their studies at the school was the opportunity to practice in the United States. Real working environment is the prerequisite that every student must undergo before their graduation and oversea internship is the dream of many Vietnamese students.

Until now, 80 students of the school practiced in the United States. The Superintendent of Schools said that he always takes advantage of all the conditions to be able to give the internship opportunities in the United States to all TTU students. Every year, students having oversea internships and doing report science in foreign countries has become a traditional of the school.