In 2017, with the approval of the Ministry of Education and Training, Tan Tao University recruited 200 target students for the School of Medicine with many candidates, including students who are domestic or international graduation and postgraduation.

Priority for good national, international students

According to the 2017 entrance project of Tan Tao University (TTU), students who win prizes in provincial, national and international academic excellence are among the top priorities of TTU. High school students nationwide or internationally have a high academic record (high school transcripts of 7.0 or GPA of 2.5) and students who have graduated from university and master will have the opportunity to be recruited in TTU’s General Medicine Major.Priority for good national, international students

Particularly for students who have obtained a domestic or international university or master degree in any field, applicants only need to submit transcripts and a university degree (or graduate certificate) to the Admissions department when applying. Medical faculty will directly evaluate the academic ability of the university environment as well as the passion of each candidate through the school interview. This is an opportunity to enter the medical profession for freelancers who have graduated from university and wish to change their profession.

In addition, the school also extends this opportunity to candidates who have graduated from the College of Health, want to continue on the General Medicine program. The admissions criteria are based only on the transcripts and the Diploma of Health (or related to Health). Candidates also have to take an interview to be evaluated their academic abilities.

American standard improvement training program

Just resemble other universities in Vietnam, the General Practitioner Training Program at TTU will last for 6 years, using the framework of the Ministry of Education. However, the program has been improved to conform to the American training standards.

This helps medical students to communicate well with Vietnamese patients, work in local hospitals, also help students refer to English Medicine books, learning from American and international professors intended to update the world’s medical advances.

Moreover, at the end of the second, fourth and sixth year, it will be held USMLE exam to control the level of Tan Tao students compared to students of medical schools in the United States (USMLE – United States Medical Licensing Examination – is a national exam that any doctor who wants to practice in the United States has to pass.) In the curriculum, the Medical School will have a USMLE preparation course for students.

Internship is one of the topics that TTU well concerns. The clinical internship for TTU students has been planned through formal agreements with big domestic and international hospitals.

TTU students with international friends during their internship in US, summer 2017

Recently, the school has brought 12 best students of the Medical School to St. Mary Hospital, Hobart city, USA to practice for 8 weeks. With a rich content of internship, and guided by prestigious local professors and doctors, the annual “Summer Medical Internship” program has brought many Tan Tao students to the United States to acquire knowledge and interact with the international working environment. This summer, the school also sent two medical students to New Orleans to report special subject at the SCAI conference and attend the Heart Failure Conference in Merillville, Indiana with Professor Thach Nguyen – Dean of Medical School. 4 other medical students also had the opportunity to join in a four-week clinical internship program at Yonsei University in Korea (Yonsei is Korea’s top 3 university)

“The opportunity to practice abroad is always the dream of dynamic young people, eager to learn and willing to explore the knowledge of humanity. For me, it was an opportunity to overcome the fear of being away from home, family, and friends. The predecessors here have given me more motivation to strive for more “- a member of the TTU intern team shared.

4 TTU students with Prof. Thach Nguyen attended the World Cardiology Conference in Busan, Korea. There is Gia Nguyen (third from right) who studied medicine at Debrecen Drug Medicine University, Hungaria

TTU General Practitioners will have the knowledge of modern medicine, be able to study, continue to study majors in specialized programs or master and doctorate. The most important thing is TTU advocates training a generation of doctors having good ideals and morals to serve patients and people in our country.

According to information from TTU’s Admissions Committee, this year the school spends about 200 positions for Medical School. Up to this time, Medical School has received more than 100 applications for and all contestants have completed the procedures to study. Surprisingly, there are many profiles of overseas students of European Medical University transferring to TTU to fulfill their goal of entering the medical profession.