On 23/5/2016, Tan Tao University (TTU) achieved resounding success when they announced the list of their 8 outstanding medical students who can go to the United States to attend the “Summer Medical Internship” which is well-known internationally for 38 years. Then, six other students continued to study. This year, 13 elite faces were selected. Many people wonder: How is their real life?

Hallmark of Tan Tao University’s Medical School

Since June 2016, TTU has repeatedly sent their best students three times in the Summer Medical Internship, which has been well-known for nearly 40 years in the United States. It’s not easy to attend in this course. Prof. Thach Nguyen, the representative of TTU’s board of managers said: “There are many “need” and “sufficient” factors for students to be accepted for the course. “Need” is having a good, reputable, and influential relationship with professors, doctors and hospital managers so they agree to accept our students. “Sufficient” is that students must have deep professional knowledge, sharp English level, a thirst and passionate for pursuing of medicine which must be large, visa is approved quickly, having stable accommodation in 2 months of practice.

Prof. Thach also said that in this year, there were only 31 participants who can attend. VN is proud to contribute 13 students, 5 students from Germany and India. These students are accompanied by well-known and experienced doctors to study, practice in surgery, participate to solve some difficult, complex clinical situations and take note the progress. Students are directly communicated with patients, visiting and recording cases. During the process, professors always emphasize that first term to be a good doctor is “fresh face doctor”, looking directly at the patient with all genuine concern and do not commercialize medicine.

Partner hospitals in this program included: The Methodist Hospital, Indiana University Medical School, Northwest Medical School and Indiana Northwest Regional Medical Education Center (AHEC), which serves all eight main districts of Indiana State.

Establish a new position

In 2016, TTU students mainly observe, listen. However, after only a year, they made another important step, establishing a new academic position. Students Hoang Quoc Bao and Hoang Le Duc Toan were honored to be chosen as junior instructors, Pham Hong Gia Nguyen as a team leader, these previous missions were only undertaken by best medical students in America.

For the first time, one Vietnamese student was selected to perform sample surgery before the witness of the Professors and students. It can be said, this is a proud mark. After two years, when the first generation of medical students graduated, surely, there are many American hospitals will  open widely to welcome these talented doctors. Mrs. Sandra Behrens, Director of AHEC said: “You are our future. We want to train and keep you guys in Indiana.

Professor Talarico, returning after a week of teaching Tan Tao students the “American-style surgery”, told the Chicago Tribune – a well-known and prestigious newspaper in Chicago that he was impressed since Vietnamese students are very hardworking and talented. “The students have started practicing in taking care of patients in the hospital from their first year – many of them even participated actively in main night tour of duty.” He shared. “All of this, including the fact that English is not their mother language, TTU students must be the best ones.”

He believes that among these carefully selected students there will be some ones who will come to the United States to study boarding. The rest continue to work in Vietnam, where the demand for qualified doctors is increasingly.

“Dreamlike” life

“One of the most impressive things about this precious journey is staying in an American family who are close friends of Prof. Thach Nguyen” – Vu Tien Loc, one of 13 students who was currently attending a course shared from the United States. Loc lived Paul and Holly’s family.

Other students lived with Kim. For them, Kim was like a relative. Students usually call Kim “American mother”. Kim took them to the hospital every day, shared work experience, exchanged culture, corrected pronunciation for weak students. On Sunday, she took them to the church. On holiday, Kim pulled them out of the blanket and led them to visit all the sights of Chicago. She always said, “Enjoy! Life is beautiful”.

“Vietnamese people are still shy, afraid when they go abroad. Ms. Kim encourages us, rather than asking us to be brave, confident, first of all you must speak loudly and clearly”. Tran Trien said: “The most precious thing that we realize is the maturity of ourselves, the desire to be a good doctor, warm kindness that our friends give us. This is indeed a dreamlike life” – Loc said happily.