Helping students in developing comprehensively, with soft skills, and emphasizing the argument between teacher and learner are unique features of the Liberal Art in the United States. Those features are shown tight from the first programs designed for freshmen.
The Liberal Arts model is a unique model of American education that prefers the development of fundamental knowledge and skills changing flexibly. As a result, students are exposed to a wide range of subjects, rather than deepening in a particular major. Therefore, this model is considered by many countries to be the pinnacle of knowledge, successfully applied and developed at Tan Tao University, Vietnam.

Being the essence of Western education aimed at realizing the “liberal dream” of progressive mankind, the liberal education model is applied to help Vietnamese students not to develop in an out-of-date way or a study “machines”. Specifically, Tan Tao University organizes the Citizenship Orientation Week Program, which aims to create a welcoming and friendly atmosphere for new students. In addition, this is an opportunity to connect the generations of students, equip the soft skills necessary to help the freshmen integrate and succeed in the university environment.

For the purpose of the Orientation Week program, above all, Tan Tao University wishes to raise awareness of the freshmen of vision and mission of Tan Tao University as well as to equip soft skills necessary for new students to succeed in higher education.

To support the above purpose, the school held a talk with President Dang Thi Hoang Yen, Prof. Thach Nguyen with the Head, Deputy Heads of Departments, Board and lecturers at Tan Tao University. By doing that, students learn how to register subjects, understand the academic calendar, graduation conditions; Provides information on soft skills, regulations, clubs and other areas such as scholarship policies, etc. In addition, it helps students pursue a model of argumentation between teacher-learner as well as student benefits, the new curriculum encourages discussion, dialogue, and end-of-course evaluation.

In addition, equipping the necessary soft skills is considered one of the main purposes of the Citizenship Orientation Week. Here, the freshmen are shared by teacher, Peter Huynh, the effective way of managing time; learning method, self-learning; in addition the tips of writing, submit essay are shared by teacher Jonathan. Not being as listeners, the new students also express their views and discuss the topic of student life experiences.

Still aiming to help new students quickly integrate into new environment by soft skills, Citizenship Orientation Week program is for students to participate in many games such as: Towing, Jumping Team mate, Shadow ball, Secret letter race. Those activities help the freshmen feel familiar with the new educational model, promote creativity, flexibility, comprehensive development and teamwork ability.

Parents appreciate the School during the Orientation Week for freshmen

Being a successful launching platform for many students after graduation, Tan Tao University’s liberal education model characterizes the dynamic student environment and the interconnection among students. At Orientation Week, new students listen to experiences and advices from students and alumni. In addition, many student organizations, clubs for a variety of purposes, activities, culture are the “destination” for the new generation. Here, the students learn and work in organizations that are structured quite like companies, smaller businesses which contribute to equip skills for future careers.

The program, the first event for students is the first experience, contributes to orient and improve their spirit. Therefore, the Citizenship Orientation Week Program is considered a “miniature” University picture. Because, within a week, the new students are equipped with the first step: necessary job skills, background knowledge, dynamic participation in community activities, and adaptability to the new environment. . Those factors are considered important by future employers, and help students become outstanding candidates.