More than 1,000 students apply to Tan Tao University in 2017

On Sunday morning (5/3), at the campus of Can Tho University, nearly 100 universities and colleges in the South participated in the recruitment consultancy festival organized by Tuoi Tre Newspaper. This is an annual event which is expected by all students from Mekong Delta. From 7am, a large number of parents and students came to learn about the recruitment information.

What students care most about are the ology, job opportunities after graduation and tuition. Tan Tao University (TTU) is one of the few universities has 100% graduates having high-paying jobs. Therefore, Tan Tao University’s recruitment consultancy booth is attracted with many parents and students.

This year, TTU recruits 500 input indicators based on the average score of 3 years of high school, candidates only need 6.0 in average, except medical students needing 7.0 in average or above, with good ethics have a chance to be admitted. The school also announces to all contestants the preferential enrollment policy for Candidates applying for TTU by 30 March 2013. Accordingly, candidates in the country and internationally have achieved an average of 3 high school years of 6.0 or higher, except medical students needing 7.0 in average or above, having achieved excellent results in the national and international competition for best students, pass the mandatory interview organized by Tan Tao University, if those candidates apply in TTU before March 30, 2017, 30% tuition fee exemption will be exempted for the first year. If students can maintain a good academic record, students will have the opportunity to receive scholarships in the following years.

Ms. Nguyen Thi Hai (Tien Giang) learns about university information for her niece confided: “I am very happy to hear information that my niece has the opportunity to study in the US style and in addition we do not need to pay tuition. My niece has won good students for 12 consecutive years. She likes to learn about computers. The family is worried whether they can raise the child or not, then we can meet the teachers from the Tan Tao University sharing and encouraging me, now I can set my mind at rest.”

They all want to learn in a dynamic environment, with less theory and more practice in order to know how to work after graduation. In particular, Tan Tao University is committed to creating conditions for students to work part-time at the member companies of Tan Tao Group to reduce the financial burden. After Nguyen Minh Quan and Hoang Bao Dang (Ca Mau) spent the morning to exchange information on biotechnology, they decided to apply online to TTU.

“I choose to study at TTU because of the information I found out, the school has a very good incentive policy, American-style learning environment, dedicated teachers” – Đăng shared. For Quan: “I love doing research. I believe that the school will provide financial support and create the best conditions for me to pursue my studies. The universities I had found out about information are not so.”

TTU’s admission representative said: “There are quite a lot of students applying for advice on Medical School. All students have good studying results, confident in the upcoming national high school examination. Most of them have been introduced to the Medical School of TTU, so when they know that the school also joined the recruitment consultancy day at Can Tho University, they came from early morning to ask for information. Many parents also come to find out. One father said that his cousin was a visiting lecturer at TTU, so his request for advice was just to make sure about his decision. What he was most interested in is the condition to be selected for US clinical training and transition in the United States after graduation.” Mrs. Chau (56 years old, living in Can Tho) asked for consultancy since she read the information about “USA studying in Vietnam”. Ms. Chau said “if we can learn as in the US, why we need to go far way? Studying at TTU, my cousin can learn with high quality and I was able to see him every week. Not to mention, the cost is much lower than to study abroad.”