At first year, students can learn about autopsy (examination of a dead body), doing Medical Record and practice their skills at hospital in USA from their second-year.

It’s the education program for Medical students at Tan Tao University and in order to ensure the outcome qualities, TTU creates the opportunity for students to practice in big hospitals.

The difference

Medical School at Tan Tao University has the same enroll criteria as other universities in Viet Nam. However, so as to improve the education result, TTU provides new teaching method which enhances practice and reality knowledge from working in hospitals.

By using this approach, after 3 years, Tan Tao University already had 6 students who can join in scientific report at International Cardiology Conference, 2 students participated in writing best seller Cardiology Book in USA, others participated in several Medical Conferences in USA, China,… Especially, the linked program with other Medical Universities in USA giving students chances to practice in big hospital in USA from their second and third-year in order to investigate and improve their skills as well as their academic knowledge.
TTU Medical students attending medical conference in US

Globalize future doctor

Medical School of Tan Tao University starts their globalization process by applying bilingual program English – Vietnamese, so students can comprehend, update the improvement of the world’s medical.

6 years bilingual program English – Vietnamese of TTU based on Ministry of Education and Training’s regulations with the combination of clinical medicine and molecular medicine at first year helping Medical students of TTU to know about autopsy, write medical record as well as enhance their skills in several hospitals in Viet Nam at their first-year, whereas students from other medical universities can only learn about theory. Then, once they become 2nd-year students, they know how to deliver, participate in doing researches and having speeches in International Conferences…


While studying and practicing at Tan Tao University, not only students can gain academic knowledge, but they also form their medical ethics as well as comprehend medical by their heart. TTU medical students must always remember the medical vow and bear in mind that medical is a tool to help people, not for commercial motive.


In order to improve ourselves’ position, TTU created new education environment based on American standard in Viet Nam, kept updating teaching method from all over the world, gave several opportunities for students to prove themselves, strengthen exchange relationship with famous medical schools from both inside and outside Viet Nam.