On 28/3/2017, Tan Tao University held solemn Macchabee and the 4th White Coat Ceremony. This is a very characteristic feature of the medical on all over the world, which rose and admitted officially in the United States since 1993. Since the establishment of the Medical School, TTU has organized and maintained this beautiful trait of culture in order to dignify the medical profession, it is an important moment with each future doctor when they are dressed on a white shirt symbolizing the medical profession and at the same time being swearing oath hypnosis to set the future path for their whole life. At TTU, White Coat Ceremony is held for medical students in the first year.

This year, TTU was honored to welcome former Vice Minister of Public Health Nguyen Ba Thuy to attend. In addition, the Medical school is honored to welcome Professor. Ernest Talarico, famous American professor about anatomy at the Indiana University, attended and delivered a speech. He also taught medical students about the method of «American-style anatomy» during his 2 weeks stay in Vietnam.

The history of the white coats ceremony (also known as the White Shirt Festival, which implies a happy day for people who wear white shirt) started from 1989 at the Pritzker School of Medicine in Chicago, USA. However, only from 1993, the Festival was officially recognized at Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons, USA. From then on, the Hypocrates oath was made when students started to study at Medical school, not when they were about to graduate and prepare to practice. Throughout the festival, Dr. Arnold Gold of Columbia University said: accepting obligations, responsibilities, and medical ethics are issues that every medical practitioner needs to understand and volunteer to take before actually taking their first steps. The idea of ​​the White Coats ceremony spread quickly and was held in most medical schools in the United States.

Today, the white coats ceremony has become the eagerness of new medical students, the pride of families when bringing their children into a new environment. Also, the white shirt itself has a symbolic meaning that medical students always cherish throughout the studying and practicing period.

In Vietnam, this unique culture is still not popular. Although medical students were given white robes from the first year when they entry labs and continue to use it throughout the years thereafter, even after graduation; however, it was more like dress rules rather than making the vows in front of the Prophet of Medicine with all seriousness and honesty.

Prof. Thach Nguyen – Vice President of Tan Tao University and head of the Department of Medicine emphasizes: seeing medical profession that they have chosen as a way to save people and help life, not as commercial purpose is the foundation principle Tan Tao University in general, Medical school in particular. The emphasis on ethical for students is not inferior to the academic enhancement is a unique highlight and abundant humanity in this private school.

“TTU also adds to this field some modern and practical thoughts. Teachers set an example for students, a model for students to imitate. It can be said that this is the training approach emphasizing on moral; however it is not theory, dogma only, but also that is really human, practical” Prof. Thach Nguyen said.

3rd-year student Pham Phuong Linh shared her memory about the Macchabee and the White Coats Ceremony: It was very proud when we can wear a white coat which represents for Medicine. Every job has its specific dress, but for the medical profession, to be worthy with the white coat, the doctor must sacrifice a lot, strive a lot. The value of the white coat is the medical students’ youth of studying and hard training.

Meanwhile, 3rd year student Bach Quang Minh said: Since then, I have tried to improve myself from the smallest details. Seeing to every single smallest detail with thoroughness and care is a very important part of a good doctor when only the smallest mistake can pay a heavy price by human life. When wearing a white coat with the responsibility of saving human life, I also told myself to act with a doctor standard from my acting, saying in order to preserve the image of a good doctor.