Seeing the great potential and opportunity for Tan Tao University, one of the first private schools having permission to enroll and train medical students, so Medical Students established the Medical Club or it was called as Dr. Plus. Dr. Plus is a club which includes Medical students with passion and enthusiasm for the medicine, always want to devote themselves to the career of a doctor. It has contributed to developing the academic programs with the purpose of providing useful medical knowledge for TTU medical students in particular and medical students around the country in general.

The club operates by creating practical extracurricular activities for students. For medical students at Tan Tao University, besides focusing on specialized subjects, they need to join in extracurricular activities organized by TTU because it is compulsory to complete for graduation. TTU medical students always have problems with arranging their dense schedules to join the activities. Therefore, the Dr. Plus supported and given guidance by the Board of Medical Faculty, is created with the aim at bringing useful activities to closer and more suitable for medical students, especially time and the characteristic of medical students.

On April 26, 2016, Dr. Plus joined the TTU community operating with the mission of creating a friendly and healthy academic environment. This is a good place for students of the Faculty of Medicine to be able to exchange and learn each other, share skills and experiences in the time of studying and researching at TTU. In addition, Dr. Plus is also considered as a bridge to connect TTU medical students and other students from other faculties through Dr. Plus have positively supported for other clubs at TTU, especially some activities relating to medical fields.

Not only create a useful and healthy playground for students so that they can express and improve themselves on the events and specific activities of the club, but also a great opportunity for them to apply all knowledge to practical life and make more chances for students to practice. Typically, Dr. Club. Plus under the guidance of the Faculty of Medicine organized the FIRST AID TRAINING program on September 6, 2016, in order to equip the students of the Tan Tao University with the necessary first aid knowledge.      

Some pictures of First Aid program

For the purpose of supporting each other in learning, exchanging experience, specialized knowledge, Dr Plus uses the official information channel which is a place to share useful medical materials are synthesized and translated into Vietnamese as well as English by TTU medical students to support new students, as well as to inform and advertise about the upcoming activities organized by Dr. Plus.

Though having recently established, Dr. Plus has had a significant contribution to enhancing the role of TTU students in the innovation and development of the Faculty of Medicine of Tan Tao University. With the spirit of democracy, equity, and mutual respect, Dr. Plus has elevated the position of Tan Tao Medical Students to a new advance, asserted the position of Tan Tao Medical Faculty compared to medical schools nationwide.