What do you think about media?

People often understand that media means the process of sharing information about sender to the receiver. So, how does media in university differs from the society?

Therefore, the appearance of the “Tan Tao University Media Club” (RINT for short) is the most suitable answer to the above question.

Following the spirit “Create Humanity, Create Intelligence, Create Talent”  of Tan Tao University, young and talented students who are passionate created RINT through communication projects and featured events at TTU. Not only does RINT use “intelligence” to organize projects successfully, but also RINT members take advantage of their “talents” to effectively convey the meaningful messages to everyone. Following that, the humanity is built step by step by talent members of RINT through each event and project.

Through activities, all members of this organization are always following their mission is to enhance the image of TTU students, brand and create the typical cultural features of TTU students.

For students, RINT plays an important role in delivering values and news to students through multimedia. To prove that, now RINT has some channels to serve students’ needed such as Radio, Youtube and RINT’s Fanpage so that TTU students can update information promptly and frequently.

In addition, for members, RINT always creates a friendly and comfortable environment for each member so that they can develop themselves, improve personality, learn skills and this is also a good opportunity for whom passionate in working in the field of journalism and multimedia communication. Especially, continuing with mission and vision, RINT is considered as a reliable media partner at TTU for external clubs. The role of RINT is to communicate and update information about on campus and off-campus activities quickly and accurately to support for clubs. Base on that, not only enriching for student life but also helping students have a general view of all events and not miss them.

Before starting a program, members of RINT always aware the meaning of what they are going to do and will do next. After the event is the time that the members sit together to look back all the process and give feedback each other. From that, they can realize what they need to enhance and improve on the next event.

One of the typical activities of RINT is giving some news and writing articles in activities and events related to students at TTU and in charge of being one of main communication tool at Tan Tao University. Students can update information daily through RINT Today’s News with full of domestic and international news.

In the corner of Human of Tan Tao, this is the place to honor the great people who live, study and work at the Tan Tao university through the most normal and nice moments.


(What’s up, monthly issues of Radio with the useful  and closely content for students at TTU)


RINT’s goals and actions are intended to empower students with practical, self-confident, and useful life skills. Through each program, you will gain useful experiences in more challenges and practical knowledge. There are so many things that the Media Club would like to share with you, but it would be great if you experienced yourself as a member of RINT, “All theory is gray, my friend, but forever green is the tree of life “(Goethe).

Let join RINT and bring news to everyone.