Born and raised in the countryside of the Hau Giang province, one of the center wetlands of the southwest. We often encounter the image of the boys, the girls on the field. However, in Tan Tao University, we can see the image of Hau Giang boys with passionate to study, always have the desire to explore, pursue new things in the economy of the country and all around the world. He is Dinh Nhut Nam, 3rd year student, has studied Management and International Business  at Tan Tao University. Not only stop at the available charming but Nam also doesn’t stop at studying, he know how to exploits himself to create his own impression.

Although his parents are farmers, Nam always has desired to study and explore new things. Nam began set up his mind, the first step in his life to be success. He realized how much youth was worth, instead of having to spend the rest of his days with tedious things, why not take a chance so that we would not regret on what we had missed.


In the first days, Nam came to TTU, Nam hasn’t been able to orient his learning abilities. Therefo re, Nam decided to attend an event for student star-up competition. During this time, Tan Tao’s teachers helped him to discover his own personalities, and helped him identify his goals strategically. Although stopped in the second round, not go to the final round but Nam understand that there are so much more great things that a student has to- must discover. Nam gradually realized that Tan Tao is a place that can help him develop his skills that he lacks.

At TTU, Nam was fortunate to have the opportunity to take part in competitions, speeches of famous speakers. Revealed the efforts, as well as the success of celebrities that Nam has seen or read in books. He has more motivated for life, and thinks that living is to learn and find new things. Nam said that “I like the idea of Simon Sinek who says, “People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it”, but the quote that truly excites me to try new things is “If you avoid rejection, you avoid the opportunity” from Dave Trott. I think the purpose in my life right now is finding opportunities to discover myself. I tried a lot and also failed a lot, but it’s okay with me because I know that only those opportunities are not my type. So I let it go, and get to the new one, try to discover new things in life”. Nam is one of the youngest students to participate in activities at YSEALI Town Hall, the 2015 Fulbright YESEALI Summer School, and has received numerous certifications in Content Marketing, Inbound Marketing, Predatory Thinker programs. Especially he also one of the best students of the school 2014 received ITA Scholarship for Talents Scholarship.

Busy with the work and study in the school, Nam hasn’t forget to maintain and operate his English Club (TEC). He also tried his luck as a young speaker at Barcamp Mekong 2017 in Can Tho to share useful knowledge for the community.

In addition, Nam also participated in charitable activities, supporting the handicap children in Long An. Nam and his classmates joined in, organizing mid-autumn parties for disadvantaged children Duc Hoa Town , Long An Province, helps the children get warm parties, filled with caring, loving from students in Tan Tao.

Now, Nam is taking part in the “Going to come” contest and his target is try to win the prize for the opportunity to internship abroad in order to sharpen the skills and knowledge. He hopes that once day he can contribute his skills and knowledge to the construction of the country.