Library of Tan Tao University

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As a guider to our users to the ocean of knowledge, the Library would like to serve the vision of Tan Tao University: “Tan Tao University aspires to become a globally distinguished educational institution providing excellence in education, participating in the advancement of knowledge through research, and serving the peoples of Vietnam, Southeast Asia, and the world.”


The TTU Library offers virtual and physical settings in which to uncover, discover and learn.

We provide access to services and collections which enhance research, promote excellence, and support the curriculum of Tan Tao University.

We maintain environments that foster critical thinking and information competence, while assuring the creation of, and access to, information.

Working hour: From Monday to Friday (8h30 – 16h30) except for our national holidays and other days off as the university’s regulations

Print Collection: Library has more than 9000 books and most of those books are in English.

About magazines and newspapers, we has 15 titles in all areas:

1 Vietnam News Daily news (buying from Monday to Friday)
2 Thanh Niên Daily news (buying from Monday to Friday)
3 Pháp Luật Daily news (buying from Monday to Friday)
4 Tạp chí Công nghệ Sinh Học Quarterly news
5 Sinh học Quarterly news
6 Tạp chí Y học Quarterly news
7 Văn học tuổi trẻ Monthly news
8 Toán học tuổi trẻ Monthly news
9 Vật lí và tuổi trẻ Monthly news
10 Special English Monthly news
11 The Saigon Sunflower Monthly news
12 PC World Monthly news
13 Y học Thực hành Monthly news
14 Hóa học Even months
15 Nghiên cứu Y học Even months

Library is honoured to receive the book donation from TTU Founders such as Mme. Dang Thi Hoang Yen, Prof. Malcolm Gilis, Prof. Eugene H.Levy as well as many other credible sources.

Library also has the association with many research database that help students study and research the information on over the world: J-store, Proquest, Nasati,…

Libray also stores more than 17758 titles of research journals which focus on the School of Engineering, School of Medicine, School of Biotechnology, School of Economics, School of Humanities. These journals are come from peer-reviewed resources:

  • Elsivier
  • Taylor and Francies
  • Proquest
  • Springer
  • And OPEN ACCESS RESOURCES (Peer-reviewed)

Besides the Print Collection, TTU Library has a diversified E-learning Materials:

  • Collected data (syllabus, lecture-notes, exams and solutions, assignments and solutions) from all faculty members
  • For future E-learning resources
  • For quality assurance.
  • For reference resources among faculties, students, and Boards.

There are approximate 100 users check-in to use the library every day. Every month, week, we regularly send E-magazines (The Economists, Nature, Stem cell and Development, …) to faculties and students. In addition, we often organizes a talk show (Review of book, self-learning, information literacy, reading culture, Library training…) every month. We try our best to provide for users the friendly environment when they come to us.

In TTU library, we learn by heart and always remember:

  • Creativity is the key for us to approach our users.
  • To approach our users, we have to be patient.
  • At the end of the street, we wish to meet our ‘’INTELLIGENT READERS’’.