Hello the season of love!

Another Christmas is coming!

Season of warmth and love! It is getting colder these days. It seems like the cold weather has its own reasons because we are feeling warmer with hands and looks. All the little things that bring joy and happiness to others on these last days of the year are going around TTU campus.

Starting from little but meaningful things:





Room decorations are spreading warmth and inspirations for creativity and joy to everyone.

“Heart to Heart” house is full of mails with all beloved messages to TTU students

Before G time:

Heating up Christmas Eve with all the most exciting dances and sweetest melodies






Two lovely MC: Thanh Phuong (11.5 English Class – TTS) and Quang Vinh (Sophomore from TTU medical school)

Fun games and activities:






And the lovely MC with his not-easy-to-be-loved request:

MC Quang Vinh (sophomore from TTU medical school): “If you love Vinh, let’s do it with your butt” – that was a very funny saying when Vinh and TTU students were playing a game in which people had to write some names with their butts.

And… Santa Claus was the delivery man who sent everyone presents of love.