Great Blues Music Festival in Chicago

My best memory of coming to America is attending the annual Blues Music Festival in Chicago.

Picture: Hoang PN Minh and Nguyen NT Quynh (front row from left to right) and Nguyen H Quan, Hoang Quoc Bao and Vo Minh Viet (second row, from left to right) at the Blues festival in Chicago
This annual event is held free at a large park in Chicago so people can come and enjoy after working a tiring week. We went there and found ourselves a good spot on the lawn and could see the stage and then we lay on the grass, looked at the vast sky and let the Blue musical notes hug us all.
I could see the children led by their parents play around and heard the laughter of everyone. We were totally submerged in this happy and relaxed atmosphere.
When I, Quynh and Quan lay on the soft grass, I could see the flocks of birds hovered over the stage and the airplanes sometimes flew across the sky and left a long white line behind the tail. To me, it was one of the most peaceful and relaxed moments I have ever seldom had in a long time.
I will never forget this moment when I left the beautiful America and returned to dear Vietnamese home.