Most Vietnamese children are registered by their parents to take extra English classes outside regular school hours to supplement their English skills before pursuing an international university environment.

However, the English proficiency level of Vietnamese students who are attending these centers sometimes does not match the curriculum at universities.

Prepare your English foundation for integration

At Tan Tao University (TTU), freshmen who need English support are usually arranged to study parallel with the main program. Students are attended in four to five private lessons a week, with English language teachers in order to improve their English. In 2017, TTU opens a free summer English course for new TTU students, and support tuition fees for nationwide students when they enroll in a one month English course at the school.

Small English enrichment classes at TTU will give students the opportunity to express their ideas and express their opinions. Diverse activities such as role play, group work and small group presentations will give them valuable opportunities to develop their language and confidence in communication. In the TTU international education environment, students are always followed closely of the lecturers in order to help students improves constantly their English skills and TTU are proud of the fact that 90% of students who join our English language improved significantly after only one month.

Experienced faculties who dedicate with their profession

Under the support and guidance of native speakers who have several years of experience teaching English as a second language, students gain confidence in communication and improve their four skills: Listening – Speaking – Reading – Writing. Students are encouraged to ask questions, share ideas and express their opinions. By doing this, students develop their skills quickly as well as methods of learning grammar effectively, and also become more confident and active in dealing with situations in English communication and enhance their vocabulary which are important factors in language training.

In addition, TTU arranges for students to participate in activities in order to equip and train the necessary soft skills to help students integrate into dynamic life in the international university through following classes: learning skills in university, teamwork, time management, communication, presentation. Students will be trained on these skills through extra-curricular activities, participating in English club, meeting and exchange with TTU alumni who currently work in multinational corporations.

The TTU elite students from the beginning also need English support when enrolled in the school a few years ago. This proves that language is not a barrier for the success of students in the international educational environment. Moreover, the effective English program helps them to develop comprehensively and exploit their potential completely.