You wish to become an active student

You are so excited when accidentally see a poster about an event happening

You desire to fly with your own ideas but you don’t know how to start

You are passionate and willing to share your passion

But how to make those things come true?

Let join us, CEO will help you with all passion and sharing.





“Youth of CEO”

CEO is the abbreviation of Event Organizing Club which is one of the first clubs at Tan Tao University (TTU for short). CEO was founded by a group of students who are dedicated to the development of events at TTU and also contribute in building students’ activities to be stronger.

From the very beginning, CEO is a set of ordinary people but great students fulfilled its mission of creating the connection between TTU students and TTS students by attracting their involvement in TTU’s activities. For example, more and more students who are from different faculties joining in CEO, especially Medical Students, actively arrange their busy schedules in order to become a member of CEO club.

Beyond being the connection between the students and students, CEO is also a bridge bringing TTU students closer to the student’s community in Duc Hoa-Long An through series of cross-cultural activities in the area. CEO includes students who are studying in a   “liberty art” education, therefore, CEO is also considered as the best place to anyone who wants to show off their talents in building and developing the activities in Duc Hoa-Long An area.






Besides bringing the mental values for TTU students after stressful hours, like other clubs, CEO is operated on the basis of self-financing. Typically, the activities organized by C.E.O will be earned by fundraising. In addition, after every event, CEO members will use the money for useful purposes such as self-organizing charitable activities, awarding scholarships to poor students or they will use them for the next events.

Moreover, being a member of CEO will give you have a chance to improve yourselves with full of soft skills that are very important to you in the future. Even when you become a CEOer, this is also your opportunity to challenge yourself with big events in order for showing your talents, creativity by contributing great ideas on big plans. From the useful activities as well as the events organized by CEO, they will help you gradually improve yourself in the best ways such as you can see your progress in teamwork capacity, communication, leadership, problem-solving skills, especially CEO will contribute to build and train students to get the “the standards of TTU students” of the Tan Tao University.

Let join CEO to get the invaluable experiences, chances to meet awesome people and the same interests and passion. Join with C.E.O to make the most of your valuable student time!

Finally, Let’s become “crazy” with CEO, because “The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do”- Steve Job.