Calling out 287 Hoa Trang Nguyen from all around the country

Besides certificates and memorial cups, every Hoa Trang Nguyen received the awards of laptops or cash depending on their achievements.

With the main theme of “The shining journey”, Hoa Trang Nguyen 2016 called out 287 names of excellent students from different parts of the country. There were 121 students from the central and South (including provinces from Da Nang down) and 166 students from the North. Among all, there were 17 medals from international Olympic, 25 first prizes from the national competition and top students with highest scores from the national high school graduation examination.

Besides certificates and memorial cups, every Hoa Trang Nguyen also received other valued awards. Specifically, each international Olympic student received a laptop and 2 million VND; those who won the first prizes in national competition received 4 million VND; and the best students in national high school graduation examination received 3 million VND.

Hoa Trang Nguyen award ceremony at Tan Tao University

On the upcoming 16th October, Hoa Trang Nguyen ceremony in the North will take place in Ha Noi after some traditional activities of worshipping at the Temple of Literature and Imperial Academy (Van Mieu and Quoc Tu Giam). Before that, on 9th of October, the ceremony of Hoa Trang Nguyen for central and South regions was held at Canary Club – Tan Tao University. All the participants enjoyed Gala Night with so many fun activities on 8th October.

The performance of the song “Sống như những đóa hoa” was also a great welcome to all Hoa Trang Nguyen.

Hoa Trang Nguyen has been going through 9 seasons with over 10.000 flowers who are successful and contributing to our community and nation. All the amazing efforts and achievements of the participants are giving pride to not only family, teachers but also the whole society.

YSEALI member Pham Hoang Man or outstanding medical student Le Hoang Duc Toan are bright examples for Vietnamese youth. Following this, the next generations of Hoa Trang Nguyen will continue to grow and blossom on the fertile land they chose in order to reach for greater success.

Hoa Trang Nguyen Award was initiated in 2008 by Ms. Dang Thi Hoang Yen – Chair Woman of Board of Directors of Tan Tao University with the purpose to recognize all the excellent students with great performance and achievements in international and national competitions.