Pham Thi Thuy Nhung- Be positive, Be loved, Everything will be okay.

“Tan Tao is easy but not really easy” because Tan Tao was very new four years ago, there were no graduates, not many people knew about this school. However, Tan Tao was worthy of entering. That’s what Nguyen Thi Thuy Nhung shared with me in the beginning days in school.

Thuy Nhung said that the model of Liberal education and full English learning environment have attracted her attention. In addition, preferential scholarship policy was also a reason for Nhung to apply for this university.

Besides the class hours, Nhung also actively participated in activities and movements of the school. Not only support for Hoa Trang Nguyen, Halloween, Christmas … but also being a key member of some clubs: Co-founder of RINT club, Vice chairman of club Sunflower, deputy manager of Tan Tao Student Success Center. These activities helped Nhung improve her skills and knowledge to confidently participate in external extracurricular activities and achieve good results.

In summer 2016, honored to be one of 20 representatives from southern provinces to receive scholarships for attending the 4th Vietnam Summer School of Science (VSSS) held at Hanoi National University. The Vietnam Summer School of Science (VSSS) was established with the goal of inspiring, encouraging and supporting young students and researchers who passionately research science or will pursue this filed in future. VSSS is a non-profit program, purely academic activity held annually. VSSS lectures are covered basic research contents, methodologies and research skills in both the natural sciences, engineering, and social sciences. In addition, Nhung also attended YSEALI Summer School 2017, Coach For College 2017, Trinh Foundation Australia (TFA) 2017, member of Innovative Science Group (IBSG) 2016, SDG Campaign Contest-Our Generation Youth Submit-TTU 2016, Finding Eco C & E 2015, Grace Camp- Association of Vietnamese Students and Professionals in 2015.

Thùy Nhung in Coach for College program 2017

Thuy Nhung (Left side) and Cam Binh tại in the 4th Vietnam Summer School of Science

Thuy Nhung shared that thanks to the entire English learning environment in Tan Tao University, she was easier to access programs using English. In fact, she is currently doing part-time job for the Saigon Scientist program, a member of the Biomedical Sciences Group-IBSC.

Thùy Nhung in the laboratory of Tan Tao University Hospital

Thuy Nhung always think that “Be positive, Be loved, Everything will be okay.” Life is not always going well as we want, there are always incidents, always facing difficulties with the unexpected things. So if you can not avoid it, be brave to face it. Do not avoid hardship or suffering, look straight at it; Use positive attitude, love to overcome that. Living with a positive attitude, full of love and gratitude, life will be much more easier to breathe. Living for the present moment, cherish what you have “Because the past was over And the future has not yet come.”